Tenant Profile: Love U 2 Pieces

lu2p-logo-100-hHow long have you been in operation?

LoveU2Pieces has been in operation since 2009.


What community need do you serve?

We support families who are living with autism spectrum disorders, specifically those with high functioning autism. We provide individual/family counseling, consultative services, and we have a Social Connections Program which currently provides social skills groups for children 3-12 years old.


What do you think your organization does best?

I believe LoveU2Pieces is best at providing practical day-to-day tools and feedback so that our children and families can move toward thriving with autism and can be at their best. While we are small and are not fund raising giants, I believe we provide outstanding opportunities for our families, implemented by talented, certified professionals, and do so at an affordable cost.


How do you see your organization evolving in the next five years?

I see our organization evolving to offer more unique opportunities for this population, expanding in variety and ages served. I also look forward to having a fully-funded program director who can work to develop our offerings and make an even greater difference among these families in St. Louis.


How has being a part of StrongStart helped your organization?

Strong Start has helped LoveU2Pieces by providing an affordable space so we can provide a consistent location for our learning opportunities. Further, we have benefitted tremendously from NSC’s learning opportunities we are able to attend and the connections with other organizations that bolster our process. The combined experience of all of the NSC staff is unmatched in terms of expertise and affordability when you consider trying to grow your organization and build capital simultaneously.


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