Tenant Profile: Ignite Theatre Company

ignite-logoHow long have you been in operation?

Ignite launched in June 2015 and celebrated their first birthday at the “Ignite the Night” gala in August of 2016.


What community need do you serve?

Ignite Theatre Company is dedicated to providing quality arts programming leadership opportunities. We work to inspire great performances on stage and to foster kind, confident, collaborative people beyond the stage.


What do you think your organization does best?

We believe in creating great people first and great performers second.  Each performer feels seen and valued working together with a cast and staff from diverse backgrounds, schools and zip codes throughout the Metro East.

One Ignite parent said, “This company truly sets the standard for youth theatre and service in St. Louis. They are creating the adults our world needs.”

Another said, “These directors gave my child a chance. I’m sure there were other kids more talented, more confident, more trained, more ready for this show, but you gave her a chance, and I can never thank you enough. … I cried through each finale seeing my baby up there shining … radiating happiness. Not to be overly dramatic, but I truly believe you have changed the course of who [my daughter] will be.”


How do you see your organization evolving in the next five years?

We plan to expand on our mission with additional service opportunities, internships and programming. We also have an exciting new partnership coming in January of 2017:

“Ignite Theatre Company could not be more excited to partner with The .Zach arts incubator for this groundbreaking new arts ecosystem. The St. Louis community has a stellar record of supporting the arts and The .Zack is sure to continue and expand on a proud tradition of arts exposure, support, and advocacy for arts in this city.” – Libby Pedersen, executive director


How has being a part of StrongStart helped your organization?

The partnership with StrongStart was been invaluable for Ignite Theatre Company. Through one-on-one guidance and training, our team has learned board engagement (Ignite has 100% board giving), and grant writing (we are supported in part by the Regional Arts Commission.) Participating in the Executive Director Roundtable has encouraged partnership with multiple nonprofits in St. Louis.

We can’t wait to continue to Ignite with NSC!

Check out Ignite in action: http://www.ignitewithus.org/