The Paulie Awards


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Congratulations to the first-ever recipient’s of NSC’s Paulie Awards. Presented during the Momentum Conference to three Missouri organizations that created positive change through collaborative nonprofit work, the award provides financial support while also shining a light on the ways in which these organizations serve their communities.

2016 Paulie Award Winners
Northern Region Paulie Award Winner: St. Joseph Youth Alliance
Central Region Paulie Award Winner: Metro Theater Company
Southern Region Paulie Award Winner: Council for a Healthier Dent County
Statewide Paulie Award Winner: Council for a Healthy Dent County

“We know that innovative collaboration and strategic thinking creates real change,” said NSC President and CEO Diane Drollinger. “Each of these award winners serves as an example of what happens when nonprofits join together to achieve a higher level of outcome for their community. We were thrilled to recognize them with our first-ever awards.”
About the Winners
Northern Region winner, St. Joseph Youth Alliance, was formed to address the issue of young people’s access to alcohol with the over-arching goal of keeping youth safe. Among other things, the organization created the Midland Empire Alcohol Task Force to provide law enforcement services which include conducting alcohol compliance inspections at licensed liquor businesses and bar/party patrols and responding to the hotline calls. In 2015, the task force conducted 599 compliance inspections and obtained an 89.8% compliance rate, up from 49% in 2007.
Metro Theater Company, the Central Region winner, created the Mainstage Collaborative Initiative (MCI). The program was designed to engage and educate St. Louis audiences through a variety of relevant topics. A key program, The Cassius Project, was created as a catalyst for a broader discussion of civil rights abuses and successes still facing America today, specifically those brought into focus by the 2014 events in Ferguson. As a result, over 10,000 individuals – including more than 7,500 young people – attended the production and joined a community-wide dialogue to empower youth and adults to make a positive difference in St. Louis
Council for a Healthy Dent County is this year’s Southern Region and Statewide winner.

The Task Force for a Healthier Dent County is a community collaboration spearheaded by Healthy Dent County (HDC) to address alarming local health demographics. A 2014 Robert Wood Johnson County Health Rankings placed Dent County at 108 of 115 counties in Missouri. Recognizing the seriousness of the report, HDC brought together community members and created a task force divided into five committees: Physical Activity, Food, Community, Youth and Poverty/Unemployment. In 2016, Dent County’s ranking went from 108 to 93, according to the County Health Rankings. While a variety of factors contributed to the improvement, the task force certainly played a key role.


jerry-paulThe Paulie Awards are named in honor of Reverend Jerry Paul, who served as interim director of NSC from 2012 to 2013. During that time, his vision and commitment helped set the course for the future growth and transformation of NSC so that it can continue to serve nonprofits and strengthen communities across Missouri and Illinois.

The Rev. Paul was an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. He was a hospital executive for 15 years, the last five as president and CEO of the Deaconess Incarnate Word Health Care System. When Deaconess was sold, he helped establish and led the Deaconess Foundation. He served on the boards of more than 30 organizations and commissions. Jerry was an energetic visionary and an unrelenting advocate for those in need. His commitment to humanity serves as an inspiration to those who serve others.