Signature Services

The greatest challenges also present the greatest potential for positive change. NSC will engage with your organization at the deepest levels to provide truly transformative insight that meets your largest organizational needs.

Examples of our Signature Services include:

Organizational Assessment    Something is holding your organization back….but what?  Working with NSC’s talented professionals provides a clear picture of underlying challenges and a plan for addressing them. We gather input from key stakeholders, analyze how the team is currently functioning, and then create a completely customized plan for moving forward. We often help implement the plan and hold the team accountable through benchmarks. In the end, your organization gets on with the business of building community in a more efficient and effective manner.

Strategic Plan    There are several crucial moments in an organization’s history. Maybe you’ve had a period of unprecedented growth. Perhaps your client base has shifted. Or it could be that your organization has been around for decades and it is time to refresh your thinking. This is when the NSC team can be most valuable – when having a trusted partner at the table who can look holistically at where an organization is and work with them to create a plan that will guide their work for the coming years.