Prime Services

Perhaps you need to spend an hour asking questions of a professional who has specialized knowledge. Maybe you simply want to schedule a training session for your team that can address a certain area of concern. NSC’s Prime services are a simple, cost-effective way to move the needle.

Examples of our Prime Services include:

Starting a Grant Research Program     Work one-on-one with an NSC expert who can take your team from the first steps of researching grants to having an organized approach for finding funding. We’ll create a calendar for applications and grants as well as provide helpful tips that can be used to continuously improve your efforts.

Facilitating a Board Retreat     Make the most of your board’s time and talent by scheduling an NSC professional to be the unbiased leader of your next retreat. Our team will interview key individuals to prepare for the meeting, then develop a customized presentation based on that input. We’ll facilitate discussions during the retreat, update your board on best practices and trends, and finish with an executive brief on the day’s events that includes our recommendations on moving forward.