Premium Services

Our partners often look to NSC for Premium Services when they seek customized input for one department within an organization or when a large annual project needs a new viewpoint. This mid-range service can give just the right boost to create real results.

Examples of our Premium Services include:

Resource Development Assessment     The NSC team begins by meeting with key development team players such as the resource development committee, the development director, and the executive director to find out where stress points are within the organization. Often our discoveries surprise our clients: it might be time for their board to start taking more responsibility, they might need to hire more development staff, or they might need to diversify their revenue stream. We’ll look at challenges, create a plan for addressing them, measure it against industry best practices, and tie it all to the organization’s strategic plan. Our services conclude with a report that helps the organization get on track for stable, measurable growth.

Event Consultation     Sometimes a special event doesn’t feel so special anymore! Working with NSC’s team means breathing new life into your organization’s event and using it to achieve goals. We help you set priorities such as attendee engagement and fundraising levels, bring an organized approach for coordinating the event, and then share creative ideas that can inspire a committee to maximize their efforts and achieve new levels of success.