Our team has been doing community work day in, day out…and we need fresh eyes.

Our accounting “department” was one person and they’ve moved on. Help!

Our board is filled with passionate people who need an objective voice at the table to help our organization move forward.

Our company would like to become more engaged with the community. How do we best support local nonprofits  and get our people involved?


NSC’s consultants consistently provide services that create “Aha!” moments for our customers and impressive leaps forward for their organizations.  This is why we are the trusted leader in offering technical assistance to the nonprofit industry and why community leaders turn to us again and again.

We serve stakeholders on all sides of the table, focusing on solutions and tailoring every consulting engagement to their specific needs.  Our work is often in the areas of Leadership, Strategy, Governance, Resource Development, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources.

We offer three levels of service: Signature, Premium, and Prime.